The 10 Best Agencies in New York City


The 10 Best Agencies in New York City

"I wanna wake up in a city, That doesn't sleep, And find I'm king of the hill, Top of the heap..."It's not likely that anyone would question Sinatra's words, much less if we're talking about design, advertising or web development. Yes, New York is the top, a fantastic place of inspiration, talent and full of opportunities.Today we present to you the best agencies in the city that never sleeps, a selection made byJoshua Long, a talented visual designer who's currently working at R/GA and is a memeber of our Jury. He sat down with us and told us about the 10 agencies he considered to be the best in NYC.
  • R/GA


    R/GA started in 1977 as an agency built on innovation focused on film. 30+ years later R/GA has transformed into a global digital agency that blurs lines between traditional advertising and digital innovation to bring fresh and unique perspectives to challenging problems.
  • Big Spaceship

    Big Spaceship

    Big Spaceship is a digital creative agency residing in Brooklyn, New York’s “Digital Dumbo” area. Their work is guided by the collaborative process in which they were founded on. The evidence is in the work, the projects always feel unified on every level and continue to push the expectations and capabilities of the web. 
  • B-Reel


    B-Reel touts themselves as being “a hybrid production company, specialized in the field of advanced digital production for web, mobile, physical installations and other media.” Their ability to create inventive pieces of digital content has set the bar for what’s capable on the web. From Chrome Experiments to ground breaking interactive music videos, B-Reel has proven to be one of the most inventive digital production companies in the business. 
  • Firstborn


    Firstborn is a multiplatform agency that creates engaging pieces of digital content. Their work has been praised for its obvious and not so obvious attention to detail. This type of attitude has proven to be successful for them and garnered some big wins over larger agencies in the past few years. 
  • AKQA


    AKQA is an agency that works to bring innovation throughout their projects and push technology as well as strategy to help their clients achieve success. Their approach has consistently proven to be effective by their recent win as Digital Agency of The Year 2011 by Adweek and Campaign. 
  • Droga5


    Droga5 is an independent advertising network. "Creatively led, Strategically Driven, Technology Friendly and Humanity Obsessed"
    The agency has produced well-regarded work such as “Tap Project” for UNICEF and “The Great Schlep” viral campaign for the Obama presidential campaign. Essex spoke to Digiday about the fundamental challenge of the age of media abundance, why the digital-traditional divide is silly and the notion of Facebook buying Conde Nast. 
  • Huge


    Huge is a brooklyn agency residing in the “Digital Dumbo” area of the borough. Their aim is to help clients solve business problems in a digital world, and their objective is consistently achieved. 
  • Code and Theory

    Code and Theory

    Code and Theory is an exciting interactive agency started in NYC in 2001. Their projects have been able to garner a lot of attention throughout design blogs for their exceptional work. 
  • Poke


    Poke is an agency that thrives on innovation and collaboration. Beyond their work with clients like GM, MoMA, and Coach, Poke also works on their own products like Bakertweet,kideo player, and Happppy it!. Their ability to attach a strategic and thoughtful approach to digital content has proven to give them an advantage over larger agencies. 
  • Area 17

    Area 17

    Area 17 is an independently owned interactive agency based out Brooklyn NYC and Paris, France. Their work for was a clean editoral approach to a robust website with ever changing content. This approach was carried through in their work for 
  • Fi

    Fi - Fantasy Interactive

    Fi - The Interactive Firm are perfectionists at heart, and creative by nature. They use imagination, strategy and action to create digital experiences that excite, inspire, challenge, motivate and engage users. 


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